8 Tips for Success with PI

So, you’re all signed up and ready to rock, roll and prep!

You’re investing time and money in this program, so it’s essential that you make the most of it. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We want you to say great things about this program and recommend it to your friends, because the more prepared people there are in your life, the more insurance you have against disaster. Plus, helping people prepare is just what we do.

To help you not get overwhelmed by everything that is part of PI, each Module will go “Live” every Saturday night at midnight. You’ll begin by having access to Module 1 on the first day of class.

Following, you’ll find some of our best tips for making the most of the Prepping Intensive:

  1. Make a binder…and use it!  When you get access to the new week’s module, you’ll notice that there are some things to print out, like assessments and checklists. PRINT THESE. Maybe make more than one copy. Fill them out and put them in your binder. This is your guideline for your personalized preparedness plan.
  2. Don’t guess.  If the assignment is to figure out how many gallons of water that you have stored, don’t say to yourself, “I’ve got about a case and a half of bottles and at least one 5 gallon jug” and then put down 10 gallons. Do the work of counting, calculating, and confirming.
  3. Read the articles.  We’ll provide links to reading material that is pertinent to the weekly topic. By going through the material, you’re essentially taking a crash course on that topic.  There could be some repetition between the articles. This is good, because anything that you see frequently is probably one of the most important points to remember. For each module, we’ve marked the most important articles, the ones you really can’t afford to miss, with an asterisk. On weeks when you’re super busy, this will help you prioritize your reading time.
  4. Attend the webinars when they’re live. Obviously, everyone has a life, so sometimes you won’t be able to make it to a webinar. But the more you can attend, the more you will learn, and when else will you have a chance to ask experts like Daisy Luther, Lisa Bedford, or Arthur T. Bradley questions?  If you can’t attend, they’ll always be recorded and available for listening to later. The recording links will be available in the Webinars section of that week’s Module.
  5. Ask questions. Speaking of questions, please don’t be afraid to ask!  The Forum will be a prime place for doing this, and chances are, if you have a question, someone else does too.  Not only that, but when lots of people chime in to help answer, then options that no one ever imagined can come to light. Sort of a hive brain, but in a good way.
  6. Get to know people.  One of the great things about this program is how we can all get to know each other. Prepping can be so isolating. What could be better than having conversations with others who don’t think we’re crazy for prepping? Jump right into the forum in our Student Center. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, share dilemmas, or tell others what you’ve done to prepare.
  7. At the same time, be careful. It’s very important not to give out too much personal information. As wonderful as it is to make friends online, use caution before divulging your specific location, your preps, or other information that should be kept a bit more private.
  8. Respond quickly if you win one of the giveaways.  Each week there is a giveaway with very cool, prepper-oriented prizes. And when I say cool, I mean things like a triple family pack of food from Preppers Market or a Lifestraw or a set of books. Anyway, if you win, we’ll contact you by email. If you haven’t responded in 48 hours, we’ll have to draw someone else.

If you communicate, you do the work, and you gather your supplies, you’ll come out of this class in ten weeks with a whole new perspective and a guideline for what to do next. And if you  run into a snag, we’re here to help!

Lisa and Daisy1

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