Advanced Prepping Intensive Orientation

Welcome to 6 weeks of Advanced Prepping Intensive! Around here, we refer to it as API. This is going to be a fantastic 6 weeks of live, small group classes, networking with your prepping peers, working on survival DIY projects, and learning the best strategies to keep your own home and family safe in more extreme scenarios. This is the course that adds BOOM! to your preps!

But, first things, first!

Whenever a new school year begins, every student needs supplies. For API, you will need:

  • A 1-2 inch 3-ring binder
  • A few plastic page protectors. Not required but nice to have.
  • Printed API dividers. You can download them here.
  • 3-hole notbook paper for taking notes. Again, not required, but you'll be able to organize your notes much easier in your binder.

Let's get started!

Begin by, first, inserting each divider in a page protector and organizing them by week number. These should all be organized in your divider alphabetically or by the week number, according to our schedule on this page

Print out the assessment you received in your Welcome email and answer the questions. This assessment will help you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie as well as helping you set some prepping goals. If you would like to share this with us, and it would be very helpful if you did, scan and email your completed assessment to [email protected]

Once it's printed, save it in your binder because you'll be needing it during our Finals Week, Week 6.​

Next, take a look at our Calendar of Events. (Scroll down below the calendar and click on the PURPLE bar to view only API events.) As a member, you have access to everything on the schedule -- every webinar, every live Q&A session, and every bonus. Mark on your own calendar these events so you don't miss even one of them. (However, if you should miss a webinar, those will all be recorded and available in their respective modules.)​

You'll notice that nearly all Advanced PI webinars are on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m. Central.​

Be sure to get your freebie!

Just in case you missed it, every member received a digital (ebook) copy of Daisy Luther's book, Pantry Primer. Make sure to download it to your computer by clicking the button below. We aren't spending any time on the fundamentals of food storage in this advanced class and this book will provide you with advice that covers the basics but also tips for living more frugally.

Have you thought of inviting a friend?

Everything, including prepping, is more fun with a friend. Invite friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, anyone, and if they register and list your name as a referral, you receive the book of your choice by either Lisa Bedford or Daisy Luther. Here's the link to share:

Get ready to network and socialize!

In the Student Center, jump into the new forum, introduce yourself, and begin asking questions, sharing your own experiences, and begin to network with other members of Preppers University, including our alumni. They've already gone through the entire course and have a wealth of knowledge for you.

You'll find we have a mixture of experienced preppers as well as those who just learned about prepping and are total beginners. Everyone has something to offer and the forum is the place to get acquainted.

There are other opportunities to network with our members during the Monday and Wednesday night webinars, since each has an active chat box. You'll receive more information about those when classes begin on Sunday, September 3rd, at 6 p.m. Central. Prior to the Orientation, you'll receive an email with the link that you will use for each and every webinar.

One more networking opportunity is a Facebook group created exclusively for this group. The group has a "Closed" setting, which means everything shared within the group cannot be seen by anyone else on Facebook, including your Facebook friends and contacts. Here is where we'll post announcements and reminders for the group and where you can get to know each other. You'll be surprised by how quickly you begin to recognize names from the forum, webinars, and this group! A whole new set of prepper friends is waiting for you!

In order to join this group, you'll get an email with a link to the facebook group, and once you join, you'll have to wait for verification and approval to join. 

Hang tight! We'll be ready to go on Sunday, September 3rd!

We'll be in touch via email with a few more instructions, but in the meantime, get plenty of sleep, take a daily multivitamin, and get ready to PREP!

You may have other questions not answered on this page. Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and see if you can't find the answers there. As always, we're just an email away at [email protected]

Thanks so much for joining the Advanced Prepping Intensive!

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