Advanced Prepping Intensive Week-by-Week Curriculum

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Exit the Economy

You can't be self-reliant if you are dependent on the economic system. This week we will discuss strategies for breaking free from the economic matrix including extreme frugality, self-employment, multiple streams of income, non-consumerism, and barter economy.

Long-Term Sustainability

Sooner or later, no matter how much you have stocked, you'll open that last can of beans, drink that last bottle of water, or use that last roll of toilet paper. This week focuses on sustainability projects like survival gardening, water collection, raising livestock, and making necessities out of raw materials.

Communications and Community

Nothing will endanger your life or the lives of your loved ones more than planning on going it alone in a worst-case scenario. You will need to know how to communicate, how to get news and information, how to maintain OPSEC, and how to build a group of fellow survivors.

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Surviving with Nothing

Although you are probably not planning on hitting the road and surviving in the wilderness when everything hits the fan, you should still know the basic principles of surviving without any fancy gear or a supply of food and clean water. This week focuses on how to survive if you're stranded or must quickly evacuate due to a natural disaster or some other worst case scenario. 

Worst-Case Scenarios

If a disaster lasts for a long period of time, society as we have known it will continue to deteriorate. City services, law enforcement, and even an agreed upon foundation of law may no longer exist. In that vacuum, survivors will either be at the mercy of the strong or will find ways to become stronger themselves. This week focuses on tactical defense and gray man strategies.

The Ultimate Bug-Out Plan

You've done everything possible to make your home and family safe. Your preps are in order, or they're getting there, but what happens when you realize it's time to leave? There could come a day when staying hunkered down is no longer an option. This week, we'll talk about what to do when it's time to leave your town, time to leave your region, or maybe even your country.

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