When all your preps are gone, what will you do?

You’ve done all the right things. You have put back food for a long-term emergency. You’ve stored water and filtration devices. You have a plan and a back-up plan. As far as the basics are concerned, you’re prepped.

But your preps won’t last forever. The last freeze-dried meal will be eaten, the last of the duct tape used, and the final dose of medicine given to a sick loved one. What then?

If you’ve worked toward being prepared, you may have wondered this, too. Will you be really, truly ready for something with long-term ramifications that could interrupt power and/or deliveries for longer than 6 months? A full year or two?

I Still Need to Work on My Preps! What Should I Do?
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If the SHTF, would you be prepared for the end of the world as we know it?

We know you’re not a beginner, and now it’s time to ratchet up your preps a few notches with Advanced Prepping Intensive.

This 6-week course takes you through survival and prepping topics that aren’t for the faint of heart. It addresses tough topics that have no doubt crossed your mind:

  • What if I’m stranded miles from home with only the clothes on my back? How could I survive?
  • I want to move somewhere safer, but I’m tied down to this city-bound job.
  • How could I protect my home from gangs and thugs in a world without the rule of law?
  • Might we be safer in another country altogether?

Advanced Prepping Intensive tackles these issues and many more with resources that are accessible 24/7 and a line-up of guest instructors that are among the world’s best when it comes to survival knowledge. Best of all, you’ll be able to chat with these experts and get your tough questions answered.

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Learn the secrets of long-term survival with these experts.

Just a few we have joining us are:

Tim Young

Prolific author and blogger at the Self-Sufficient Life. Tim teaches others how to exit the rat race and establish streams of income on their own.

Brandon Smith

Founder of Alt-Market, a website devoted to teaching and connecting people for the purpose of barter.

A. American

Author of the Going Home series, A. American fills his novels with lessons and tips for surviving in a collapsing world.

Ray Gano

Author and relocation expert. He has lived in both Costa Rica and Panama and helps others determine if international relocation is the right step.

RP Ruggiero

Author of the Brushfire Plague series, he’ll share information about surviving a worst case scenario and survival tips from his book series.

For only $139, you can join this jam-packed 6-week class that focuses on survival skills and long-term plans, and there’s a lot more than just these live, small group classes.

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Introducing the Advanced Prepping Intensive


Self-reliance must include a growing level of financial independence. You don’t have to be wealthy, but you must have the ability to live within your means, how and where you please. This includes self-employment and barter economy. Learn how to do this from people who have already blazed that trail and will tell you exactly what it took.


Sooner or later, in spite of your best plans, you’ll face empty shelves and wonder where your next meal will come from. True preparedness goes beyond simple stockpiling while staying under the radar of nosy, hungry, and even dangerous people around you. Learn how to put into place sustainable elements that may take time to mature but will be there for when you need it most.


Nothing will endanger your life or the lives of your loved ones more than planning on going it alone in a worst case scenario and being unable to communicate. Our guest instructors and podcasts will teach you how to put together a communication plan, how to get information when the grid is down, and how to build a group of fellow survivors.


A nightmare scenario for most of us is being stranded miles from home with nothing more than the clothes on our backs. This sounds outlandish to the average suburban prepper, but it could easily become a reality in a natural disaster or some other worst case scenario. Learn what to do with wilderness survival experts who will share their best survival tips for just this kind of scenario.


Over a long period of time, society as we have known it will continue to deteriorate in a worst case scenrio or simply from the long-term effects of a society collapsing on itself. City services, law enforcement, and a foundation of law may no longer exist. In that vacuum, survivors will either be at the mercy of the strong or will find ways to become stronger themselves.


How do you know when it’s time to get out of Dodge? Where will you go, how will you pay for it, and what will you do when you get there? This week focuses on developing your long-term plan for bugging out, either to a rural away away from danger (you hope!) or taking the drastic step of leaving the United States.

There is nothing else like this course in the prepping world.

Our Advanced Prepping Intensive is something new, fresh, and desperately needed in the prepping world. This class emphasizes becoming independent of the matrix and learning how to exit on many different levels, not just having a bug out location and lots of freeze-dried food. It is filled with self-assessments, including identifying your strengths and weaknesses. There’s no hand-holding in this course! Instead, the curriculum is filled with skill-building, DIY projects, and hands-on preparations.

Get Ready for the End of the World as We Know It



The Advanced Prepping Intensive Course Materials

The Advanced Prepping Intensive is loaded with information in a variety of formats. You’ll have access to the online course for a year, and the downloads are yours to keep.

Here’s what you’ll getbook-stack

  • Webinars with some of the world’s leading survival experts
  • A cache of articles with in-depth information
  • Weekly e-book downloads
  • Instructions for DIY projects
  • Podcasts
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Student Center membership
  • Q&A time with the pros

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Space is limited for this very special class. Don’t delay! The six weeks you spend learning these advanced skills could mean the different between life and death.


You can get started today for only $30 down.

It’s easier than ever to get started. Pay only $30 to reserve your space and then make two easy payments for the balance. You CAN afford to take a Prepping Intensive. We make it simple with our payment plan.

Creating a customized plan with expert advice will keep you from making costly mistakes with your preps. Now more than ever it’s essential to make every expenditure count.

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You have a full 10 days to test our product. If you aren’t completely satisfied, just ask and we will gladly give you a full refund on your purchase price.

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