Coming soon!

Preppers University courses have transformed the lives of hundreds of students, and now it’s time to introduce courses and classes with even more versatility to meet your specific, customized needs.

Imagine a cafeteria filled with individual educational modules, complete with video training, worksheets, printables, assignments, and downloadable reference materials, where you’re allowed to pick and choose the modules that meet your immediate needs, and then come back for more when you’re ready. Modules that will be at your fingertips, 24/7, and onĀ your schedule.

Behind the scenes at Preppers University, this is exactly the concept we are developing and will unveil in early 2018. We’re holding off on resuming live classes until the spring to allow us to expand our offerings. The goal is to meet your needs in any way that we can, and we think you’re going to love this new approach to emergency preparedness and survival education and training.

We know you want to be informed, educated, equipped, and ready when an emergency arrives. When the crisis comes, you’ll feel confident and know you and your loved ones are ready to weather the storm.

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