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Living frugally may not seem like it’s related to prepping at all, but it goes hand-in-hand with a preparedness lifestyle. First, you’ll learn valuable skills as you begin living more simply, and in a long-term emergency, these skills can be very handy. Secondly, you can use some of that money you save being thrifty to purchase essential preps.

First, when you make the change to a more frugal lifestyle, you’ll spend more time developing skills. You’ll learn to DIY, to repair things instead of replacing them, and to grow or create your own version of many products that most folks buy at the store. Not only will this save you money now, but in a long-term emergency, these skills will be very handy – possibly even life-saving in some situations.

Secondly, we all know that prepping can be an expensive endeavor sometimes. (Don’t worry – we’ll show you as many thrifty shortcuts as we can!)  When you live a more frugal lifestyle, you can use some of that money you save being thrifty to purchase essential preps.

Here’s a list of frugal living articles that may help you on your journey to preparedness.

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