How to Empty a 55-Gallon Barrel

Super Siphon Hose

A few questions have come up on how to get the water or other liquids out of a fifty five gallon barrel.  It is really pretty simple.  You can always use an old fashioned siphon hose.  Personally I don’t like to suck on them so I use a Super Siphon hose.  They consist of a metal fitting on one end of a six foot hose. You just stick the metal end in the liquid and shake it in an up and down motion a few times and the siphoning action starts.  An adapter is available so that you can extent the length of the hose by adding a garden hose.  They should cost about $8.95

barrel with Super Siphon Hose

There are also siphon pumps that are easy to use.  There are a long tube that fits into the barrel with a small pump on the top to start the water flowing.  These are available for both five gallon and fifty five gallon containers.  They should cost about $12.99.

Siphon Pump

A third item that you need if you use fifty five gallon barrels is a bung wrench.  There are available in both plastic and metal.  The one I use is plastic and will also lift the lids from 5 gallon buckets.  The plastic ones cost about $4.95, the metal a little more.

Barrel with Siphon Pump

A quick internet search under Super Siphon hose, Siphon Pump and bung wrenches should provide you with several sources of these items.

Barrel Bung Wrench


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