Make the most from your 2018 Prepper Planner!

Your new 2018 Prepper Planner* is a great tool to help you and your family get ready for everyday emergencies and worst case scenarios! If you’re like me, though, life gets busy, you get distracted, and pretty soon all your best intentions forgotten.
Life happens. To all of us!
Make the most of your new Planner AND stay on track with your prepping throughout the year. Coming next to your email box are timely tips from Preppers University — just enough to help you stay focused and learn something new along the way.
Now, make the most of that planner!
  1. When you first download the Planner, you’ll notice that each month includes clickable links. These lead to free ebooks, pertinent articles, or links to Preppers University. Be sure to check them out!
  2. Print out a hard copy of the Planner, and put it in a 3-ring binder.
  3. We’ve included suggested activities throughout the month but you’ll notice plenty of blank spaces, too. These are for your own prepper activities, like paying off a bill, attending a survival-related class, etc. Once it’s on your Planner, you won’t forget it!
  4. In the space below each month, there is room to list things you want To Do, To Learn, and To Buy. This is a great way to keep track of important activities and projects in these 3 categories.
  5. Share the Planner! Coordinate your prepping with another family member or close friend. You can either send the Planner as an email attachment or share this link,, so they’ll receive the same email support.
  6. Tackle big prepping/survival projects by breaking them into smaller pieces and then scheduling each one on the Planner.
  7. As the year progresses, go through past months in the Planner to take care of any prepping suggestions that you missed the first time around.
  8. A Family Prepping Meeting will help keep everyonePick a day during the last week of the month, and schedule a Family Prepping Meeting to discuss prepping goals for the next month: a money-saving goal, a family activity to learn a new survival skill, etc. Be sure to set dates and add them to the planner.
  9. In your calendar’s 3-ring binder, add informative resource articles on survival and prepping topics. When you take one of our courses, you’ll have access to a gold mine of ebooks and other printables.
  10. Every month you’ll receive from us a monthly Preppers To Do list. Print this out and add it to your binder to give you even more ideas for getting prepped.
Do you want more prepping information right now? Then watch our free video class, “The Top 10 Foods to Store”. Great information for food storage beginners with some in-depth information that even seasoned preppers may not know!

*If you’ve arrived at this page and don’t have the all-important 2018 Prepper Planner, you can get your own copy here.
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