Are you worried about the level of civil unrest you’re seeing in the news?

We are.

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What is happening in this world?

If you’ve been asking yourself that question, you aren’t alone. Millions of us are watching the news as riots and violence seem to engulf many of our college campuses and town squares. It seems that the days of polite debate and agreeing to disagree may be over. Instead, these confrontations include metal baseball bats and soda cans filled with urine or cement.

How does a peaceful protest end up with injuries, blood, and clashes with the police?

Is it possible to predict what types of public gatherings could turn into a scenario that would endanger you and your family?

We believe that to be informed is to be armed, and our Civil Unrest Intensive will take you deep into the mindset of those who are purposely sowing seeds of radicalism and violence. This recorded class will leave you with an understanding of the trigger points that turn a peaceful group into a mob. You’ll learn how to escape a mob, how to dress if you must be in a large public gathering, and how to protect your children.

The Civil Unrest Intensive includes a 2-hour recorded class with Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom, and The Organic Prepper, Daisy Luther. As well, you’ll receive our E-Textbook, which is an anthology of articles that supplement the information from the class. Finally, you’ll get two printable checklists: The Panic Prepping Shopping Guide and an outline for note-taking while you watch the recorded course.

Get the entire package for just $29. These resources are yours, forever.



 Here’s What You’ll Get in This Crash Course


Recorded Webinar

We recorded this powerful, 2-hour webinar in four parts so that you can gain a deeper understanding of civil unrest and learn how to prepare your family for the crisis that could be heading your way.


Panic Prepping Shopping List

Get started immediately with our Panic Prepping Shopping List – these items are available online or at most discount stores, warehouse stores, and grocery stores.



Get this exclusive e-textbook loaded with supplemental information from our websites.The articles here go far deeper than we can in a two-hour webinar.

We sincerely hope that our country proceeds peacefully.

It’s our hope that the drama we’ve seen dies down, but it’s not looking good. Riots, violent protests, anger, and aggression seem to be increasing.

Based on the increasing levels of rancor, rage, and violent incidents, we want you and your family to know the about signs of civil unrest, about mob mentality, how to plan for these events, and how to survive. The entire online class and resources are just $29, with instant access.

We can help.

Click “buy now” to begin prepping immediately for the looming civil unrest that threatens our country.




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