Emergency Food

Hi, everyone!  Daisy here. A few years ago when I began my blog,  I did so to combine two of my greatest passions: preparedness and wellness. One of the major issues I discovered when trying to help others become more prepared was that it wasn’t just difficult to find a high-quality emergency food – it was impossible.

For years, I tried various emergency food buckets, only to immediately park them in the back of my pantry to be used as an absolute last resort. There are quite a few food intolerances in my family, and the chemical-laden, gluten-filled products were recipes for headaches and digestive upsets. I didn’t find a single product I could recommend to others without writing paragraphs of caveats, warning them that these products weren’t particularly good for them, but here they were if the person was still inclined to buy them.

Then, after many disappointing taste-testings, I discovered NuManna Foods. Out of all of the products I had tried, there was finally something that I could serve to my family and recommend to my readers in good conscience. NuManna is committed to providing ground-breaking products for those who realize that survival food should help you to thrive, not just keep the hunger pangs away.

This is the emergency food that I store for my own family, and we’ve personally tried every single item. I am delighted to finally find products that I can heartily recommend. If you’re looking for long-term storage food, it doesn’t get better than I’ve carefully selected for Preppers Market. Below are some of my favorite products:

Triple Family Pack

Triple family pack

Gluten Free

Defender Nutritive Pack



Hormone-Free Non-Fat Milk Powder



Water Preparedness

Getting prepped for a water disaster is essential. Bare minimum, you’ll need two weeks of water storage and a way to purify water in a longer term disaster. You should also have the necessary supplies to test your water supply yourself. Below, you can find some products that we recommend for water preparedness.

AquaPail Filtration System



ProPur Nomad Gravity Filter

propur nomad


Sawyer Mini Personal Filter

sawyer mini


Water Testing Kit

first alert water test






Water Bob

water bob


Off-grid Cooking

It’s essential to have a way to cook food if the power goes out.  You can use your barbecue grill for some things, but it’s always good to have another method. (The propane burner works well for canning, too – essential if you want to salvage the contents of your freezer during a long power outage.)

Propane Burner

propane burner


Kelly Kettle

kelly kettle


Volcano 3-in-1

volcano 3


Medical Supplies

We strongly recommend creating your own medical kit with the needs of your family in mind. However, the Medic Kit on this list is very thorough.  The Israeli Bandage and Celox can be life-saving by stopping blood loss in incidents of trauma.

GI Medic Kit

GI Medic Bag


Israeli Bandage

Israeli bandage


Celox Granules




If you live in a climate that gets cold in the winter, it’s essential that you have a back-up heat source. If your home doesn’t have a fireplace or woodstove, here are a few options. The Mr. Buddy is one of the few propane space heaters that is rated for indoor use. Most pellet stoves require electricity to run, but this one is a rare exception. Be sure to get a battery-operated carbon monoxide for safety when using a secondary heat source.

Mr. Buddy Propane Heater

Mr buddy


Non-Electric Pellet Stove

pellet stove


Battery Operated CO Detector

co detector


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