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Take advantage of these resources to stay focused on your prepping. Network with other preppers via our Members Forum and Book of the Month Club. Our 24/7 Mini-Courses will soon be online, but in the meantime, extend your learning with our multi-week Prepping Intensive, recorded webinars, and other upcoming courses.

Prepping Intensive

Are you registered for our ultimate prepping course? 

Preppers University Forum

Together, we all learn more. Chat with classmates and instructors, ask questions, share advice, and make the most of this opportunity to network with other preppers.

Recommended Supplies & Gear

Wondering what supplies come highly recommended by the instructors? We've got a list for members, prioritized by what is most urgent and important to have.


We have all of the podcasts in one easy and convenient location for members.

P.U. Calendar

Want to know when everything is? Click here to see the course calendar with updates on things like webinars, check-ins, and giveaways!

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We offer  printable binder dividers for your prepping binder to members!

Preppers University Online Library

We have hundreds of awesome ebooks and pdfs just waiting to be read and used by members!

Reading List

We have an awesome list for members of all the great books we recommend that you read and have in your personal collection. The list also includes books written by the course founders. 

Webinar Recordings

Missed a webinar or just want to listen to it again? You can check out all of the past webinars here!

P.U. Courses

Want to see what any PU course covers? Those details can be found here. 

Book of the Month

Join us for a group read of a selected book each month!

School Supplies 

Wondering what school supplies you need for this course? We've got a list for members!

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Free Prepper Mini-Courses for our members only!

Food storage. Survival priorities. Solutions to common prepper problems. These subjects and more will soon be available to you, 24/7, for your continued prepper education.