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Cat Ellis writes:

I’m an herbalist, author, and urban homesteader. My love of herbs began in my teens when I was fascinated with making perfumes, incense, drawer sachets, other lovely aromatic things. But after herbs helped me recover from a serious respiratory infection in the late 1990’s, my focus shifted decidedly towards herbal medicine.

My husband and I threw ourselves into urban homesteading when we both lost our incomes in 2008. We knew there had to be a better, more frugal and sustainable way to live. We were already interested in camping, gardening, beekeeping, and other self-reliant hobbies. The failing economy, however, kicked our interests in preparedness, survivalism, and homesteading into high gear.

I am the author of two books, teach herbal and prepper courses, and homeschool my two children. Our family plans to ultimately relocate to our rural homestead site in Maine, where I can live out my dream of having a flock of sheep to support my knitting addiction.

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