Purify water like a survival pro!

Learn how to always have a safe supply of pure water for your family.


Getting a news alert on your phone or TV announcing that until further notice, all water must be boiled before drinking. This is a scary and dangerous event that happens hundreds of times each year. 

After Hurricane Maria, Jennifer's family in Puerto Rico lost everything and their small town was left without any source of clean water. They were told to boil and treat water with bleach, but without their own supply of stored water and no way to filter it, they were on their own.

In cases like this, most people will rush to the store to grab cases of bottled water or, worse, stand in line waiting for a case of water from FEMA.

but not you

You won't be in that line, because your home will be equipped with:

You can relax while everyone else panics.

Water is the one single element your family cannot survive without​.

Nothing is more important than water, not even food.

But if you don't have your own supply of fresh water, what will you do in a crisis?

City water supplies can easily become contaminated by:

  • check
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    ​Algae Blooms
  • check
    ​Cancer-Causing Toxins
  • check
    ​Human Feces

You can't drink this water, cook with this water, bathe or do laundry in this water!

The problem is that most all of us rely on city water systems every single day. We fully expect the water that comes out of our faucets to be pure and healthy, even during an emergency scenario.

Many crises can and do affect our water supply, but...

​There is something you can do to ensure your family always has drinkable water, no matter what.

​You Can Begin Now to:

  • Learn the smart way to store emergency water 
  • ​Become a confident pro when it comes to knowing how to purify water in a crisis ​
  • Learn how to set up your own rain collection system, no matter where you live!

Survival Begins With Water

is an online course available at your convenience

  • ​Get immediate access with simple instructions for logging in to your course for the first time
  • ​Move through the course quickly or take it one chunk at a time
  • ​You'll have lifetime access to this class, so feel free to take as much time as you want to learn and implement the water survival plan and complete the assigned tasks
  • Join an exclusive Facebook group to extend your knowledge and network with other students.

Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom and founder of Preppers, University, has been at the forefront of the prepper and survival movement since 2009, as a blogger, speaker, author, and instructor. 

As the author of a best-selling family survival manual, Survival Mom: How to prepare your family for everyday disasters and worst-case scenarios, she has helped thousands of families around the world get better prepared for crises of all kinds.

"Survival Begins With Water" is one of her most important, foundational classes for family preparedness.

In the "Survival Begins With Water" online class, you will learn:

How to set up your own Family Survival Water Supply

Which water purifiers are recommended most and why

How to cut corners on those expensive water filters

5 reasons you should store more water than the experts recommend

Common myths that could become deadly in certain water emergencies

6 ways to purify water -- some methods are more reliable than others

How to make a simple rain collection system you can set up just about anywhere

Plus, every step along the way, you'll be given simple assignments that, when finished, will fully prepare your family for water emergencies of every type.


I really enjoyed this new water prep class. As usual, you are very thorough and well organized

Susan S.


You covered everything possible! I now need to improve my water storage!

Erin F. prepping since 1991


​I love the conversational tone of the class. It's very easy to read with great ways to implement the lessons right away

​Deborah N.

​Here is exactly what you get:

  • ​A complete, easy-to-read course in water preparedness
  • A 54-minute video lesson taught by The Survival Mom
  • ​Specific instructions for setting up a frugal Survival Water Supply
  • ​The Survival Mom's Own Family Water Usage planner page
  • ​Survival Water Supply checklist
  • ​Access to a members-only Facebook Preppers University group

​Plus a free bonus: A Complete Water Purification Cheat Sheet


​Survival Begins With Water

For less than the price of two mini water filters, you will prepare your family and home for a water emergency with this in-depth online course.

There's no price tag when it comes to that confidence and preparedness.


This class comes with Survival Mom's guarantee. Once you take the course, if it didn't live up to your expectations, simply request a full refund. No questions asked.

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