Survive in the Wilderness With a Land Shark Survival Shelter

The Land Shark Survival Shelter is an interesting product that was developed to provide an emergency survival shelter that would work both on land and at sea. The Land Shark is a large bag that measures 38 X 80 inches and weighs about 24 ounces.  Folded it measures about 7 X 9 inches.

The Land Shark Survival Shelter is a cross between a space blanket and a bivy sack.  It is made of three layers, one orange, one camouflage with a third layer in between made of an aluminized film material.  The middle layer is similar to a high quality space blanket and can reflect up to 80% of your heat back into your body. The Land Shark is wind and waterproof.

Now the big question is, how you use it in the water?  First, you’ll need to be wearing a life jacket. With the life jacket secured around you, fill the sack with water, climb inside, and close it around your neck.  The sack will slow the transfer of your body heat into the water, giving you a longer survival time.

On land, you would use it like a bivy sack to help keep you warm and protected from the elements. The bag is 100% waterproof and wind proof, and it’s very warm, which can cause a problem if you let moisture accumulate in the bag. Sometimes you may have to vent the bag to allow moisture to escape.

Now the bag has one other feature that I have never seen in any other similar product.  The bag is reversible, and while the one side is orange, the other side is camo.  The Land Shark is designed to help you avoid detection by reducing IR signals to an undetectable level. Here is what Soldier of Fortune Magazine had to say about it:

“Now, you can defeat a 200,000-ruble FLIR with a $40 plastic bag. Checkmate. Not just any plastic bag, but a high-tech development by Corporate Air Parts originally designed as an emergency survival bag — an international orange, heat-containing, thermal-protective aid designed to ward off the effects of hypothermia in downed pilots and others stranded in the water or wilderness. The original LAND/Shark emergency survival bag became essential gear for anyone who must provide their own protection from the elements, and the new StealthBag is essential gear for those in a SERE scenario whose survival depends on their ability to hide not only from visual detection but sophisticated infrared detectors, as well.”

Soldier of Fortune goes on to say:

“The highly regarded FLIR, Inc. Model 2000AB chopper-mounted IR detector (operating in the 8-14 micron wavelength range), was unable during a 30-minute test to locate three individuals inside Stealth Bags”.  Soldier of Fortune also ran test with a Life-Finder hand-held IR detector, with similar results.

The Land Shark Survival Shelter is not cheap, selling for just under $70, but with its durabiilty and versatility, it could save your life. If you are ever caught in a situation in which all your gear and supplies are gone, this one bag will at least protect you from the elements on land and in water.

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