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Want even more help to get started prepping, immediately?

We don’t blame you if your nerves have been a bit on edge watching the news reports about stunning natural disasters, national security threats, and news of a questionable economy. The good news for people who have prepared for events like this is that they have far less to worry about — and that person could be you!

We’d like to help you move along quickly in your quest to become better prepared and this $7 package of 2 recorded classes and 5 ebooks will do just that.

Here’s what you’ll get in this Booster Multi-Pack!

  • Frugal Prepping: Everyone knows that prepping costs money – but what if you have none to spare? In this anthology, we’ll share our thrifty tips for prepping on even the tightest budget. It’s jam-packed with free and frugal ideas that will have you set in no time.
  • The Pantry Primer: This is a full-length PDF copy of Daisy Luther’s popular book that tells you everything you need to know to build a healthy, whole-food stockpile, even if you have a half-price budget.
  • Organization: Your First Step to Getting Prepped: Not often mentioned in hard-core survival literature and websites is the importance of getting and staying organized. After all, if you’re tripping over dirty laundry as floodwaters fill your house, how ready are you, really, to survive? This quick guide walks you through the basics of getting organized and decluttering and then offers specific room-by-room prepping tips.
  • One Second After the Lights Go Out: This is Lisa Bedford’s eye-opening look at what you need to know to survive in a world without our power grid. What should you do in the first minutes and hours after you realize the power is out and may not come back on for a very, very long time? This guide has practical steps that apply to preparing for many disasters, not just an EMP, an electromagnetic pulse.
  • Prepper Kids:  Got kids? We can’t be with them all the time. This ebook is a collection of ways to get your kids ready to handle anything. As well, we’ll tell you our secrets about prepping for kids to help them sail through an emergency with as little stress and anxiety as possible

Give your prepping an even greater boost with these 2 video classes — everything for just $7!

Quick Start Guide for New Preppers

This quick 20 minute class gives you a complete overview of the foundations of being prepared. You’ll get quick lessons on water and food storage, cooking food in an emergency, how to survive in a power outage, the best emergency light sources to have on hand, making an emergency toilet, and a whole lot more.

In addition, this class includes printables, written instructions, and a budget-friendly shopping list.

The Top 10 Foods to Store

Confused about food storage? What to store? What’s most important? How to store it?

This 45-minute class gives you a specific guide for loading up your food storage pantry with staples that will go a long way toward providing healthy meals for you and your loved ones.

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